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Serlby Park Golf ClubSerlby Park

Course Playing Information

In order to ensure golf at Serlby Park flows smoothly, we have a few tips to help with your visit.

  • Play general golf from the Yellow tees.
  • When on the 1st Tee, golfers approaching the 9th green have right of way and must be allowed to tee off from the 10th and clear the green.
  • The club rule is you must follow the game in front so you may have to play the back 9 first.
  • Allow the 11th Tee to clear before hitting from the 1st or 10th Tee
  • When exiting the 2nd green the 3rd Tee box is to the right.
  • When on the 4th Tee you will be initially playing a joint fairway with the 12th. The big tree in the distance is approximately 220 yards from the Tee. From that area, the 4th green is down the right fork. The 12th green is down the left fork and played from a different tee box.
  • Exit the 4th green to the left using the path. The Tee Box to the right of the 4th green is the 13th. Look to your right when walking to the 5th , you will see the 13th green in the distance.
  • The 5th tee box is slightly to the right at the end of the path. Play from the yellow markers (the white is the 14th competition tee). You will walk past the 14th tee box on your right once you have hit your tee shot.
  • The 6th green (red flag) pairs with the 15th green (yellow flag). You can see the green to the right when walking to the 6th tee box.
  • Exit the 6th hole from the first path to the 7th tee box. The bottom path is to the 16th tee box.
  • Exit the 11th green to the right and take the path to the 12th Tee. The big tree in the distance is about 220 yards away and the green is around 160 yards beyond that.
  • When leaving the 17th green the 18th Tee is on the left.