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Serlby Park Golf ClubSerlby Park

Covid 19
Guidance for Return To Play

Return to Play

The guidance in this document is to be followed by all members until superceded by subsequent official SPGC guidance, as prescribed by the UK Government, England Golf and R&A.

This guidance, if followed diligently will provide members with assurance that, as much as is reasonably possible, has been implemented to create a safe playing environment.

If members do not follow this guidance and put others at risk, further action maybe required, including the potential that the course could again be closed.  Whilst this is a last resort, the safety and welfare of our members is paramount. In Stage 2 return to play, the course will now be open to paying guests and visitors.

No unauthorised visitors or guests are permitted.

Further information on the SPGC COVID 19 response can be requested via email to: [email protected]

Golfing Principles

In Stage 2 return to play, the course will be open to members and visitors.

Booking a Round

To facilitate social distancing all rounds must be booked via BRS. Members are to name all players in the booking. If you have issues accessing your BRS account please contact the Secretary – [email protected]

If you do not have the technology to access BRS the Lady Captain, Janet Batty, has offered to act as a temporary BRS booking secretary.

Contact Janet Batty via a text detailing your booking requirements to 07733 351320.

Golfers can book 1, 2, 3 and 4 ball groups. Strict social distancing must be followed. Bookings up to 8 days in advance will be accepted e.g. Sunday to Sunday.

This restriction enables the Club to respond to local instructions quickly i.e. if a localised lockdown is imposed.

Arriving at the Course

Please arrive shortly before your round, change your shoes, unload your equipment and go straight to the 1st tee, if it is clear of golfers and safe to do so.

Cars should be parked sufficiently spaced to ensure the 2 meter social distancing can be maintained.

If you store equipment in the garage, you must sanitise the handle and your hands before and after opening the garage, with your own sanitising wipes and gel.

The practice ground, practice nets and practice putting green can now be used.

During the Round

Golfers must keep a social distance of 2 meters unless they are from the same household.

Golfers are not to touch stray balls. Benches and bins are not in use, take your rubbish home.

Filtering In Rules

BRS allows a 2 hour period for 9 holes. People may come round sooner or later than scheduled. Golfers must therefore respect and adhere to normal filtering in rules. Clarity on these rules can be requested from [email protected]


Bunkers are in use and the ball can be placed within 6 inches but no nearer the hole. Rakes will be removed from the course.

On the Green

Golfers are not to touch the flagstick, it is to remain in the hole at all times.

When the Round is Finished

When the round is overall golfers are advised to leave the course, as soon as possible and in line with social distancing guidelines for groups.

Clubhouse Facilities

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the Clubhouse is currently closed.